• IVO 2018 is open for all players age 30 years and over or who will reach their 30th birthday during 2018 (born 1988 or earlier)
  • The Qualifying Competition in singles & doubles in Veteran and Open matches will be played in groups (all play all). A group of four is preferred (according to the entries). The first and second placed will play in the knockout matches, the third and fourth (or if more than four in a group, according to the entries) placed will play in the consolation matches.
  • Players eligible to play final in their age categories in Veteran Tournament will be accepted to the Open tournament without registration fees.
  • Each player has to participate in his own event category. Exceptions will be made for doubles pairs, where players do not belong to the same event category. In such cases, the pair will participate in the event category of the youngest player.
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